The Repair Workshops: Expression of Interest for Collaborators (State of Design 2011)

The Repair Workshops is a five day collaborative exploration of the concept of ‘repair’. The workshops will be run as part of the 2011 State of Design Festival held in Melbourne in the last week of July. Eco Innovators are currently seeking expressions of interest from artists, designers, scientists and engineers to be involved in this exciting project that has received funding support from the City of Melbourne.

This project will bring together three artists/designers and four scientists/engineers to collaborate on a repair project of their choice. The selected collaborators will create the theme for a repair ‘Hub’ which they will run and where the public will be invited to interact and repair items throughout the course of the festival.

The project will run for 5 days, with the first two days being a closed collaboration between the collaborators which will be followed by open public workshops whereby people can interact with the hubs and bring along their broken items for repair.

We are looking for people who are passionate about collaborating through an innovative examination of the ideas and practicalities of repairing, reimagining and repurposing broken objects, not only in a direct way (re-installing functionality to the design), but also in a conceptual manner – exploring repairing as a way of creating value, functionality and beauty in de-valued broken items.

Selected participants will be awarded $1,000 payment for their contribution to the project. Download the Expression of Interest PDF or go to the website to apply.

Applications due by 5pm 25th February 2011.
The Repair Workshops are an Eco Innovators project.