Exhibition Launch – Remnant/Emergency Artlab

December 1, 2010 to December 10, 2010

The Sydney ‘Lab’ is a participatory project that highlights a tragic clash between two urban dwelling species – the vulnerable Grey Headed Flying Foxes who inhabit the Sydney Botanical Gardens – and humans. Both species ultimately depend on each other for extensive ecological functions and secure habitat. Despite this co-dependence – early next year the bats, which roost in the Botanical Gardens, will be forcibly removed.

What can we learn from this clash of two worlds? What might a heightened understanding of our unrecognised dependency teach us about the future of interspecies relationships? How can we better ‘think-in’ urban habitats for Australian wildlife? This Remnant/Emergency Artlab project set out to address these central questions.

Outcomes from the project will be exhibited as part of the X exhibition. 1st-10th Dec. UTS Gallery – Lvl 4 courtyard, 702 Harris St, Ultimo.