Opening Thursday 10th November 6-8pm  Screenspace 30 Guildford Lane Melbourne 3000

Live Performance at 7pm Penny Baron, Vanessa Chapple, Kate Hunter and Kate Kantor read and
mimic from Tell Me Something: A Field Guide to the Voices of an
Unkindness of Ravens

birdbrain looks at our relationship with urban corvids (crows and
ravens) and seagulls and explores our mixed relationship with these
common noisy and highly intelligent birds through voice and language,
including the spoken and written word. While we admire these birds’
abilities in terms of survival, intelligence and ingenuity we also feel
threatened by these very attributes that we share with them.
The project consists of audiovisual installation work including field
recordings, bird mimicry, spoken and written texts as well as an
artist’s book posing as a kind of mock field guide. Four performers
and ten writers have contributed to the project.

Performers and Readers: Melissa Alley, Penny Baron, Vanessa Chapple,
Kate Hunter, Kate Kantor, Yifang Lu and Mateja Simenko.

Writers: Giovanni Aloi, Steve Baker, Geraldine Barlow, Rene ten Bos,
Michele Faguet, Clare Halstead, Cathy Lane, Jane O’Neill, Robin
Tassie, Jessica Ullrich and Andrew Whitehouse.

Sound Engineer: The Fantastic Laura B.

Exhibition Dates 9th-26th November 2011

Screenspace 30 Guildford Lane Melbourne 3000
12-6 Wednesday – Saturday