Manuwangku,Under the Nuclear Cloud exhibition

“Manuwangku, Under the Nuclear Cloud” is a photographic exhibition presenting the community and country in the Northern Territory targeted to host a federal radioactive waste dump. The photos aim to break down the conception that these areas are ‘the middle of nowhere’ and thus suitable for dumping of hazardous materials. The exhibition is expected to travel to many cities and communities commencing from Sydney.
We are raising funds for production of the exhibition catalogue, which will be an important resource to send around Australia and the world to tell the story of the community struggling against imposition of the radioactive waste dump. We also aim to support Muckaty Traditional Owners to travel and speak at the opening of the exhibition in Sydney,being held at the Pine Street Gallery on January 17, 2012. Our funding goal is to raise minimum $5000 for the project and all contributions will be grateful appreciated. So please dig deep.

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