Spectra: Art and Science

The Currency of Images in the Studio and the Laboratory | Canberra 2-6 October 2012

For 4 days in October, CSIRO Discovery Centre hosts SPECTRA 2012, a symposium exploring the cultural and artistic value of data and imagery produced in the course of scientific endeavour.

Over three days of presentations and panel discussions, SPECTRA 2012 will investigate how contemporary visualising technologies and techniques for analysis, data management and imaging have radically changed the nature of art and science practices and the status of images in both fields.

International keynote speakers include Barbara Maria Stafford (author of ‘Good Looking’ & ‘Artful Science’) and Andrew Parker (author of ‘Seven Deadly Colours’ and described by Time Magazine as ‘One of three most important young scientists in the world’).


More information http://spectra2012.com/about.html