art + soul exhibition

August 28, 2010 to June 30, 2011

art + soul explores the diversity of Indigenous culture through three themes: ‘home and away’, ‘dreams and nightmares’ and ‘bitter and sweet’. Drawing on key works from the Art Gallery of NSW collection, it reveals the myriad contemporary artistic expressions that evidence the enduring heritage of Indigenous Australia, in all its diversity and complexity.

This exhibition highlights the artists and art featured in the groundbreaking three-part documentary series art + soul televised on ABC late last year.

Desktop magazine wins the 2010 CREATE:Greenwash Award

September 17, 2010

This years Desktop sustainability award is being sponsored by Australian Paper who are logging ecologically important native forests while using a government loophole to promote their products as sustainable. Read more.

Australian Paper will use the nominees and the winner to associate their misleading products with best practice sustainability. We will be contacting the nominees and winner to request an interview to discuss their views on being used in such a cynical way.

Bindarri contacted the organisers to discuss how their award would be a sham by being sponsored by Australian paper, way back when we read it in the desktop green issue. Here is our post about the issue back then.

We hoped that Desktop would follow their own selection criteria of the sustainability award:
“HR and / or ethics policy and procedures (do you have one, if so is it best practice or just ticking the box)”

Ironically, “ticking the box” is Desktop’s approach when it comes to sponsorship money. No wonder the general Australian public is cynical when it comes to green marketing and design.

For more info on the Australian Paper and how they frame pulping our native forests as sustainable, read our feature on Envi paper.

Australian Paper is treating Australian Graphic Designers like they are too stupid to understand the technical issues around paper production. Send this to your colleagues to help stop them making a mockery of our industry.

Australian Institute of Architects Exhibition – ‘Now + When: Australian Urbanism’

September 1, 2010 to September 30, 2010

Australian Institute of Architects’ exhibition, at this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale, will highlight three of Australia’s most interesting urban regions as they are ‘now’, before dramatically representing futuristic urban environments as they may be ‘when’ we reach 2100.
Opening in September 2010, the exhibition will feature a range of dazzlingly visceral digital stereoscopic images, which will fill the two-level Philip Cox-designed Australian Pavilion and represent both the NOW and WHEN components.

Think your art can change the world? Start the Art Riot!

June 18, 2010 to October 3, 2010

Celebrating the power of art to create radical social change, the team at artRiot are beginning to build a community of artists who are inspired to evoke change. There will be no nice florals, tepid landscapes or wallpaper portraits. ArtRiot wants their upcoming exhibition to be as memorable as the night the riot started!
Expressions of interest are now open for an interactive, multidisciplinary exhibition at the TAP Gallery in Sydney, 20 September – 3 October 2010.