Alicia Liley

Alicia bright and bubbly, full of life and going places was driving down the very busy Calder Highway with three friends, after a busy day holding a drama workshop for kids in the country, when BANG! The right rear tyre blew out and WACK into a big old, unsuspecting tree.

And the nightmare began. Her photogenic good looks undamaged, her brain was swelling and Alicia was slowly dying. The ambulance raced to the hospital but Alicia died on the way. But Alicia is a lover of life, she has a will to live and she started a long series of miracles. She shrugged off death’s kiss, and fell into a coma that lasted eight and a half long weeks. The doctors advised the family to say their good byes; that if she lived she would be a vegetable.

Most people would believe the doctors. Most, but not Alicia. With many negatives expections, she eventually woke and breathed independently without a machine;  she stood then learnt to walk, whispered then learnt to talk, eat, drive, returned to study and learnt how to live independently.

Alicia Liley was accepted by Actors Equity in 1990 and has worked in theatre, television, radio and film. She was the presenter in the film Remember Me that won The World Medal at The New York Festival in 1995 and also in that same year won The Silver Hugo Award: Most Prestigious Education Award in the World at the Chicago Film and Television Festival.

Image: Alica film still produced by Stella Motion Pictures

Alica’s story was filmed for the hour long documentary “Alicia” that has been screened six times nationally from 1996 to 2000 as well as internationally several times. View the playlist.

Soul Theatre

Soul Theatre is largely the product of Alicia Liley, who founded Soul Theatre Inc. in 1994 to fulfill the mission statement that articulates its values:

Soul Theatre Incorporated creates community based, high quality productions of a professional standard that are entertaining and thought provoking. We represent the misunderstood, the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised by educating and enlightening our audience with confronting attitudes of narrow mindedness, bigotry, injustice and ignorance.”

Image: 2003 TWO – Bruce Kerr and Anastasia Malinoff

Since 1994 Soul Theatre has produced the following productions:

  • 1994 – A LIE OF THE MIND by Sam Shepard
  • 2002 – NUTS by Tom Topor
  • 2003 – TWO by Dr. Ron Elisha
  • 2004 – LAUGHING WILD
  • 2006 – DOLLY STAINER OF KEW COTTAGES by Janet Brown”
  • 2008 – CHRYSALIS by Dina Ross

Image: 2008  CHRYSALIS – Imat Akelo-opio and Sarah Borg

And now Alicia and Soul Theatre are producing:

The Climamania Project

Soul Theatre Incorporated (STI)’s current work is the 24 month Climamania Project – an entertaining presentation of educating and informing the general community whilst objectively exploring differing perspectives and reactions to the topic of Climate Change Crises. It begins with an Australian Premiere.

The Contingency Plan

The Climamania Project begins with Soul Theatre’s production of the Australian Premiere of the UK Playwright Steve Waters’ The Contingency Plan.

Download The Contingency Plan PDF

Climamania: Festival of Short Plays and Music

Climamania’s Festival is an addition to the theatrical productions that provides a discourse and education about the realistic issue of The Climate Change Crises. Many Playwrights will present their short scripts that deal with various interpretations about Climate Change within this multi-media production. Musicians, poet, photographer and comedians as Emcee’s will intersperse their talents in between each short play.

After the interval and prior to ACT II, there will be a short presentation by Beyond Zero Emissions that will actually show that there is an example of a solution in tackling Climate Change.

Our 8 community partners also offer relevant information within the foyer and the theatre programmes where there’ll also be a list of non-expensive behavioural changes for the audience to collectively help in reducing the devastating effects of the reality of Climate Change.
These informed organisations that are connected with Climate Change will discuss the theme with the cast and the director at the beginning of rehearsals so that the presentation of the performances are accurate.

Your involvement

An undertaking as large as Climamania is only possible through the generous support of the projects’ many sponsors and partners.

To get involved or help  with the project please contact Alicia to express your skills.

Alicia is seeking people who can help her with the following roles:

  • Production Manager
  • P.A. (for me)
  • Financial Manager (other than Treasurer that I have a competent CPA)
  • Adminstrative Manager
  • PR/Publicist
  • Grants Seeker/Writer
  • Producer
  • Supporting Documentation Gatherer/Provider
  • Membership Support & Maintainer
  • Computer & Internet Assistant
  • Technical Manager
  • Networker (for a Benefactor or ongoing sponsor)
  • Researcher
  • Sponsorship Consultant (who also does the work in seeking funds!)

Financial contributions are always needed for a project of this size so if you have any contacts that may be able to help, please let Alicia know.

Be quick as this project is progressing quickly and time is limited.

  • Feature produced By Glenn Todd
  • Graphics by Betra Fravel; R-Co
  • Photography by Alicia Liley