Stampel create beauty from recycled timber offcuts

Fresh country air has a certain magical quality – It clears the mind and makes you appreciate the simple things life. This is clearly the case for Andrea Shaw, who after moving to the Bendigo in country Victoria, launched her new business, Stampel. Armed with a chisel, an obsession for wood block printing and eye for pattern, she carves recycled timber offcuts into delicate design objects that pack a design punch. We particularly love her little Fasett Flower Vessel….

recycled timber, eco design, sustainable design
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The PanelPop introduces a new sustainable art medium

Local Fitzroy based framers PanelPop, have introduced an innovative new “canvas” to the art world. Made largely from products destined for landfill, the PanelPop comprises a porcelain like surface encased within a locally salvaged timber frame and backed with recycled polystyrene.  What is so inventive about the PanelPop is the variety of ways it can be used – Artists can sketch, paint and even sculpt directly onto the surface.  State of Green spoke to Emma Griffin about their innovative frames. Read on to find out more…

The Ajiro Bamboo Vehicle is home grown in more ways than one.

Monash University industrial design student, Alexander Vittouris is challenging us to look at new ways we can approach product design in the future. His innovative design of the Ajiro bamboo vehicle is case in point. Rather than using energy intensive processes to bend sustainable bamboo into shape post harvest, Alexander’s unique approach involves manipulating the bamboo stalks during the plant’s growth process. Tension is applied to the bamboo stalks as they grow over a reusable skeletal sub structure, that forms the structural basis of the vehicle. The natural energy from the plant does all the rest!

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The nationwide Garage Sale Trail – 10 April 2011

April 10, 2011

Garage Sale Trail 2011

As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another mans treasure”.  If you love fossicking around in second hand shops trying to find the ultimate treasure, or you have a household of goods ready to be discarded, you will not want to miss the first nationwide Garage Sale Trail on Sunday 10 April 2011.  

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Matty Smith – Winner of 2010 Tasmanian Design Centre Award for Sustainability and Emerging Designer

MattyCSmith, shortdivision, sustainable furniture design, emerging designer, furniture award

For all you modernist furniture fans out there who covet various pieces from Eames, Featherston, Parker and others, you are in for a modern day treat.  A name you may soon be hearing more of is Matty Smith, who just last month won the 2010 Tasmanian Design Centre Award for Sustainability and Emerging Designer with his quirky take on a cabinet named “shortdivision”. 

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Wear It – Recreate old fashion into new at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Event – March 19, 2011

L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Mucke, The Treasury, Emma Grace, Ellie Mucke, sustainable fashion, eco fashion, upcycled fashion

Do you keep your broken jewellery or hoard old shirts in the hope one day you will find the time to resurrect them into something new? Well you are in luck – Your chance to do something about it is coming up at the Wear It – L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival commencing 19 March 2011.

Jeweller, Emma Grace of  The Treasury, and sustainable fashion designer Ellie Mucke of fashion label Mucke, will be collaborating on an exhibition and conducting a series of workshops as part of the Wear It- L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival cultural program.  Promoting a shift away from a throw away culture, Emma and Ellie will show you how to make new from old, and provide an environment where you can exchange skills, materials and inspiration!

To find out more about this great event, head on over to State of Green