bindarri is no longer being updated

The people behind bindarri are putting all their energy into a new organisation called

Bindarri was designed to promote people using creativity to make a better world and to encourage others to join them. Our new organisation is moving one step further to organise and facilitate events and to build a community to share skills and resources. Come and get involved.

Our first post was published on May 6th, 2009 and our last one was on July 15th, 2013

Where have all the Bindarri Posts gone!

The Bindarri team are currently working on a number of other projects at the moment. Which is exciting for us, however it is means we are a little under the pump and haven’t had time to post our usual community updates.

We are also currently in the process of considering our next moves, and will post an update on Bindarri’s new future early next year.



Paper vs plastic: the take-away coffee debate

Melbourne-based strategic designers Thick teamed up with KeepCup to answer a lot of the unearthed questions floating around: Are reusable cups really better? What about compostable cups? Isn’t paper better for the earth?Eventually, after countless co-creation and workshop sessions with users, designers, and industry professionals, the team came up with The Paper vs Plastic Shakedown, pitting KeepCup head-to-head with disposable cups in a clean, interactive, user-friendly interface that would clarify urban myths about paper production, recycling, and waste management. Continue reading “Paper vs plastic: the take-away coffee debate”

The Nature Conservancy – Photographic Prize

From the Western Coral Coast to the Gold Coast in the East, Australia offers some of the most breathtaking landscapes and wildlife in the world.

That’s why we’re calling on you to enter the first annual Coast to Coast photo competition with The Nature Conservancy. Your favourite nature images of Australia can help not only to capture the beauty of our continent but also to create a photo collection that inspires the world to care more about conservation. Entry page is here

More information can be found here

The Power & the Passion: James Price Point Campaign Photographic Exhibition

How a community triumphed over corporate greed.

The Power and the Passion is a photographic exhibition highlighting the power of the Kimberley’s landscapes and the Passion of those who defend it.

The evening will be a celebration of community triumphing over corporate greed, and a chance for us to discuss how we can move forward together in our ongoing work to protect culture, community and our environment.

power and passion

Some of the work can be previewed here.

It’s also a chance for us to pat each other on the back and celebrate our success in defending James Price Point.

Where: 339 High St, Northcote, Victoria.
Opening night: 6pm-9pm, Friday 10 May 2013.
Exhibition dates: 10-3pm, Wed-Sun, until 1 June 2013.

All works will be available for sale.

Digital Change Maker Apprenticeships

From the creators of Bindarri, comes our new project:


We are looking for four passionate change makers to undergo an eight week intensive training program provided by some of Australia’s leading digital change makers.

Gain skills and experience in order to co-create strategy, build websites, communicate online and use social media to build movements of positive change.

There are no financial fees for the participants who will earn their stripes by producing various online projects and websites for real positive change projects.

Apprenticeships start on May 13th. Applications close: May 3rd.