Getting the most out of the web: online communications workshop for climate action groups

July 11, 2010 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Using the web effectively is a fine art – and this workshop aims to hone the online skills of members of climate action groups. The Workshop will be held at the Climate Action Centre, Level 5, New Trades Hall Building and will be presented by Jane Curtis.

To RSVP please email Ellen Roberts from Climate Action Moreland at

Zero Carbon Australia – Stationary Energy Report Launched

Today at Parliament House in Canberra, Beyond Zero Emissions will outline such an approach with the launch the Zero Carbon Australia – Stationary Energy report—a detailed blueprint for transitioning Australia’s stationary energy sector to 100 per cent renewable sources by 2020. The report, published in collaboration with the University of Melbourne Energy Institute, is set to spark a debate about Australia’s energy present and future, and more broadly, what constitutes credible climate policy.

read the feature on ABC

You to can help make history by helping BZE and Bindarri add the final touches to the report and help create promotional resources. More info here