Hamburg Calling – A message from Climarte

University of Hamburg researchers have contacted CLIMARTE seeking details of Australian arts activities since 1996 relating to climate change (eg. exhibitions, performances, conferences, etc)… So CLIMARTE has started compiling a list for them, and for us, and we’d like your help! Please email us details of any activities you know. Ideally include event title, host institution, year, and web address if available. Even better, you or someone you know might like to volunteer to research this area for us.  CLIMARTE will publish the list on our website to assist in future research.
Please email
Image – Ralf Schmerberg has constructed a thought provoking igloo made almost entirely of old refrigerators in the center of Hamburg.

3Pillars Network criticises bindarri for our criticism of their green marketing forum

This is the latest contribution in a long running discussion about the green Marketing forums decision to include Australian Paper and promote them as Green leaders.

View the criticism and our response here

Currently, Australian paper is linked to logging in the Central Highland, Strzelecki Rainforest Reserve and the Baw Baw National Park, which has been recognised by several key scientific studies as one of Victoria’s most biologically significant sites and one of its most important water catchments

View our feature on Australian Paper and their role in the logging of Australian Forests

Desktop magazine wins the 2010 CREATE:Greenwash Award

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Read the new post discussing how Desktop has won the prestigious CREATE:greenwash award


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Entries for the CREATE:Awards are open now and due by 16th July 2010 and include a sustainability award.

Australian Paper is sponsoring this years sustainability award at the create:awards while linked to logging in the Central Highland, Strzelecki Rainforest Reserve and the Baw Baw National Park.

Desktop also have a green design edition out this month. Australian Paper has also sponsored a green feature in this edition.

Please contact Desktop to make them aware of the issues and urge them to stop promoting the logging of our forests as sustainable and green.

Read our feature on ENVI paper for more information on Australian Paper and the logging of Australia’s forests.

We do however thank Desktop for their efforts in promoting sustainability and also their direct support of bindarri and our events. We feel that Desktop have been manipulated by Australian Paper’s Greenwash and we urge Desktop and our whole industry to disassociate themselves from companies promoting paper made from ecologically important forests as green and sustainable.

Green Brands Forum 2010 promotes Greenwash

We are very disappointed to hear that the biggest Green brand event in Australia is promoting Greenwashing as a legitimate approach, pushing back Australian green marketing back to the dark Ages.

The Forum includes Paul Allen in the “cream of Australia’s crop of sustainable brand leaders”

Paul Allen is from Australian paper, and he will be promoting the ENVI paper brand. This paper is made from Australian Native Forests and is marketed as “greenhouse friendly”

Please read more about the Envi paper greenwash, with referenced facts on Australia’s paper destruction of our forests.

[Bindarri apologises for the exaggerated tone of this (unedited) post.. yes it was over the top, however we still take our original position that  The Forum is misguided in presenting Australian Paper as a leader – ED]