words@bld50 by Architects for Peace: “Art + Social Space”

June 3, 2010 7:00 pm

To remove art from the privileged domain of the gallery and make it available for general consumption can be a powerful act, and its capacity to generate controversy is clearly alive and well in Melbourne.

Four practitioners will explore their experiences of creating art in public spaces, drawing on examples of their own work, and reflecting on the possibilities, challenges, freedom and limitations they have encountered.

Elisabeth Weissensteiner, Ammon Beyerle, Karen Casey and Maggie McCormick. Chaired by Alex Selenitsch.

On Openness – Public Talk Shanaka Fernando

May 6, 2010 7:00 pm

As Lentil As Anything’s Abbotsford premises faces closure, and in the wake of the recent documentary The Naked Lentil looking at the restaurant, there has been a strong interest taken by the public in the operations of this social enterprise. Ten years since its conception, founder Shanaka Fernando has witnessed changes and turbulence, all the while maintaining his unique approach to doing business – where the notions of justice and inclusion take shape, unhindered by money.

We will join Shanaka as he shares his experience in creating a space that has become synonymous with social inclusion, artistic expression, as well as challenging the concept of “money’s worth”.

Brought to you by Architects for Peace. At RMIT bldg 50, Melbourne. photo credit: lentilasanything.com