What could a sustainable neighbourhood in Melbourne look like? Visioning 2032

What could a sustainable neighbourhood in Melbourne look like?  How could we transform a number of our existing urban communities through design ‘interventions’?  If we are to develop low-carbon resilient suburbs in Melbourne, we need to have some vision of what a desirable future living scenario is, and the changes we can make today to set us on a path there. These films are a glimpse of that potential future.  The animated films are a culmination of four years’ worth of work by students and staff from Swinburne University, RMIT University, Monash University and the University of Melbourne, as well as from Melbourne design professionals.  Each presents a different area of sustainable design innovation. These include new infrastructure schemes for water, food, energy and public transport, along with innovative design strategies for suburban development and new local employment opportunities.

View the films  http://www.ecoinnovationlab.com/component/content/article/116-visioning-2032-city-of-short-distances/397-visioning-2032-films

Recycling takes off

Ecocreative_Recycling Display
The display encourages people of all ages to walk the resource journeys to find out what happens after something goes in the bin.

Ecocreative recently designed and developed an interactive waste display for the Adelaide Airport to launch its new recycling bins. It centres around the topic of waste and resource management in a lighthearted yet educational manner.
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Ecocreative is looking for a graphic designer passionate about designing for a better world

A great opportunity exists for a new graphic designer to join the Ecocreative team! If you’re passionate about designing for a better world, we’d love to hear from you.

We want to fill the position as soon as we can, so don’t dally in downloading the role description and submitting your application.

Applications close 2 August 2011, and we will notify shortlisted applicants soon thereafter.

Please direct any queries to Jeremy Boyd, Creative Director or Sarah van Maarseveen, Sustainability & Operations Manager.


Elizabeth Kelly: Tangerine Gold – closes 16/01/11

October 22, 2010 to January 16, 2011

Elizabeth Kelly, a Canberra-based glass artist, presents a range of recent work that combines exquisite skill and beauty with a deep concern for environmental sustainability.
When: Exhibiton closes 16th January
Where: Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, National Art Glass Gallery
Cost: Free

Levitate: new Atdec monitor re-defining workplace aesthetics

Radical new monitor mounting design, Levitate, by Atdec re-defines workplace aesthetics. In keeping with the movement toward a greener planet, Levitate has also been designed with complete environmental responsibility in mind. Each of its parts is recyclable and can be broken down into their individual base components. No hazardous or VOC emitting materials are used and raw metal finishes are maximised. Even its packaging is designed for the use of recycled paper pulp and recyclable paper material wherever possible.

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