4 November – Perth Green Drinks

Tuesday 4 November from 6.00 pm Where: At the Claremont Pub, they are happy to fence of the lounge area for us. How: Drinks are on your own expense and when getting hungry next doors Bellisimo is serving pizza’s in the pub. The first hour they have drink specials. Bus and train station are in front of the pub and there is plenty of free parking in the area. What: Network, interact, talk, laugh, debate, drink, have fun! Extra: Presentation by Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Brandner – Evecto Energy Solutions Topic: Lighting and the environment Evecto Energy Solutions designs and markets energy saving lighting controls which are suitable for retrofitting into existing lighting installations as well as for new buildings. Most of Evecto’s solutions are based on the simple concepts of Occupancy Sensing and Daylight Dimming. Thomas will bring a few demos and samples so we will be able to see some of the solutions in action.

Design Victoria’s Eco events

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