The Green Ball

February 23, 2013

the green ball sustainable fashion challenge3

The Green Ball is Australia’s first Green Carpet Event – a glamorous celebration of sustainable food, fashion and fun, created by Melbourne’s own sustainable events company, Grassroots Productions.

This new exciting, not to be missed event takes place Saturday 23rd of February 2013, as part of the Sustainable Living Festival calendar. The Green Ball will be held in one of Melbourne’s best kept venue secrets – a stunning bluestone heritage building overlooking the Maribyrnong River, quietly nestled amongst the lush wetlands of Pipemakers Park. This unique venue also offers picturesque views towards Flemington Racecourse and the city, a mere 6km from the CBD.

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The Australian Future Foods Lab


The Australian Future Foods Lab is an artist collective that seeks to re-ignite tastebuds and the cultural imagination in support of emerging and sustainable food systems.

An initiative of Carbon Arts together with Round Angle Studio and artist Steaphan Paton, the Lab invites innovation and experimentation through unique collaborations involving artists, scientists, chefs and the food industry.

Our focus for early 2013 is native foods that support biodiversity and celebrate the traditional knowledge of Indigenous Australians. Two events with artist Janet Laurence kick off our activities in February.

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November 26, 2011 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Exploring the magic life of soils with Cocktails + Desserts

Pack your bags, we are off for a trip to Avoca, in country Victoria, to meet local experts and agricultural producers to explore our relationship to soils, top and bottom.

Put your feet in the earth, turn your eyes to the stars, and relax while enjoying a rich serving of after dinner treats designed to bring a whole new awareness to terroire and terra firma.

Carbon Arts is pleased to be collaborating with The Avoca Project (TAP) for this event. TAP is the initiative of established Australian artist, Lyndal Jones. The European house provides a home to exhibitions, symposia, projects and events that draw community attention to the historical causes and effects of climate change.

Saturday 26 November 2011
From 8.00 – 9.30 PM (onwards)
The Avoca Project
I 16 Dundas St, Avoca, VIC, 3467 (2 hrs drive from Melb)
$35 – Dress Adventurous
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Floods don’t discrimate. Saving the Warmun Community Art Collection

On the 13 March 2011 after weeks of heavy rain the rivers and tributaries in the east Kimberley overflowed, sending a deluge across the land forming a torrent of water throughout the region. Nestled tightly on Turkey Creek, the Warmun community was ravaged. The community was declared a natural disaster zone and nearly everyone was airlifted from their homes to Kununurra 200 km away. The Warmun Art Centre, which held the Community Art Collection, sustained considerable damage to its buildings, equipment and its artworks. At least half of the items in the Collectin were submerged in muddy flood waters and all sustained mould damage due to humid conditions over the following days. With generous probono support from all around, and in particular from Argyle Diamond Mine and CCMC, and from ANKAAA the collection was helicoptered to an air-conditioned building and into the safe hands of CCMC conservators.  Toll Holdings provided a truck to bring the artworks to Melbourne.

The Warmun Community Art Collection holds the earliest art produced in the Kimberley containing significant works by the first generation artists of the east Kimberley painting movement: Paddy Jaminji, Rover Thomas, Jack Britten, Henry Wambini, Hector Jandany, George Mung and Queenie McKenzie. For many years, elders would congregate under a bough shelter and use these items to teach. The children who were taught with these items are now adults and practicing artists themselves. They too, now believe their children need to be educated in the same way. The survival of these artworks is in jeopardy and the Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation (CCMC) at the University of Melbourne is helping with it preservation. However, support is needed for the Centre to complete work on the most important and most badly damaged works.

From 17 to 21 October community elders will visit Melbourne to advise on the conservation program for the collection. To ensure this collection is returned to its rightful place, your help is needed. A fundraising dinner will be held at University House at the University of Melbourne on 21 October 2011.  Community elders and conservators will talk about the importance of this collection and about the conservation program that will see its safe return to Warmun. Tickets to the dinner are available at $150 per ticket, including three courses and wine. For bookings or information on how you can help support the conservation of this important collection please contact Director of the CCMC, Associate Robyn Sloggett on 8344 6455 or email:

Cross(x)Species Adventure Club: Melbourne

December 2, 2010

Carbon Arts is proud to invite you to CROSS(X)SPECIES ADVENTURE CLUB: MELBOURNE, Wilderness Adventures for the Palate with Natalie Jeremijenko, xclinic, New York.

Thurs 2 Dec, 6 – 8.30 pm
The Compound Interest Centre for Applied Arts
15-25 Keele Street, Collingwood Continue reading “Cross(x)Species Adventure Club: Melbourne”

Soul Theatre Fundraiser – bbq & screening of ‘Alicia’

November 13, 2010

Soul Theatre is a charitable, cultural organisation representing the misunderstood, disadvantaged and disenfranchised. They create high quality theatre productions. They’ll be hosting a fundraiser on Sat Nov 13 from 5pm at The Athol Gill Centre, 100 Hodgkinson Street, Clifton Hill. There will be a BBQ followed by a screening of the documentary, Alicia, with supper provided. Contact Alicia Liley for more info.