‘NGALIGU MUNDA’ – our land. Images from Kokatha Mula country.

Exhibiting at 3 locations. This multimedia exhibition showcases the importance of country and culture through photography, art and film. For generations Kokatha Mula custodians have cared for their pristine mallee woodlands, including rockholes, soaks and wildlife. DANTE’S Resturant & Gallery, November 6-16. Also a rock’n gig on the 29th. www.kokathamula.auspics.org.au

Sustainable Furniture Exhibition, 25th November, Sydney

The designers, John Dixon, Ian Factor, Alex McDowell and Peter Rozea are all graduates from the prestigious Sturt School for Wood in mittagong and are passionate about their craft, seeing this as an opportunity to promote awareness of the use of sustainable timber sources.

The exhibition will showcase a range of furniture items from dining, hall and coffee tables to chairs, bookcases, blanket boxes and chests of drawers. All at very reasonable prices. More info here

Society for Responsible Design Events

Oct 14 : Triple Event : Exhibit review + SRD Change 08 Prize Giving + SRD AGM :: 6.30pm Stirring Appetites exhibition review by Christian Tietz DAB LAB Level 4 courtyard 702 Harris St :: then on to Level 1 restaurant in Agincourt Hotel cnr Broadway + Harris St for 7.15pm SRD Change Prize award to all involved :: Followed by 8pm SRD AGM year reviewed + elect SRD exec. at Agincourt Hotel :: Ultimo, Sydney, Australia. See SRD for more info

Green TECH 08 and SRD Change 08

GreenTech is on this weekend. Leading Australian and International brands will have the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate products and services relating to green building, sustainable product design and green or clean energy technologies. Featuring the SRD Change 08 exhibition of student work. Sorry for the late posting.