Colony Collapse Tour! Cross Pollination of Hip-Hop, Rebel Art & Global Activism

January 21, 2013 to February 21, 2013

Colony_collapse Flyer

I was lucky enough to see this show last night. As well as a beautiful artwork, the Beehive Collective work is a very detailed story on the history of the Appalachian Mountains in Canada narrated live. The story took 3 years and 100 people to put together and involved extensive community research and consultation. See it here:

And then mix in some beats n lyrics…

For Australia wide dates, check the facebook page

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Share the Spirit 2013

January 26, 2013


75th Anniversary of the Day of Mourning Protests
– Bart Willoughby – Stiff Gins – Kutcha Edwards – Lee Morgan – Plus more…

… The 2013 Share the Spirit Festival will turn the Treasury Gardens into a thriving hub of Indigenous music, dance and culture on Saturday 26th January as part of Melbourne’s official Survival Day celebrations.

Sun Beats Down

November 24, 2012

Sun Beats Down will be Australia’s biggest ever street party powered entirely by solar energy!

The event will entail a gathering of artists, dancers, citizens and Solar Sound systems on bikes, BBQ’s, shopping trolleys, skateboards & trailers that will meet at Federation Square to celebrate music, sustainability, good people & good times.

Details: Federation Square (meeting point) & Birrarung Marr (event site) on Saturday November 24 from 2pm until 9pm.

The Sun Beats Down event is presented as part of the City of Melbourne, Melbourne Music Week Self Made Series. We thank the City of Melbourne for their support and assistance.

Benefit Concert – Orphanage of the Animals

August 26, 2012 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Artists Suzette Herft & Chris Lazzaro, Dayle Alison Walker, Cliff Elery, Nela Trifcovic
&  Niki Pidd are raising funds to facilitate the performance of “Orphanage of the Animals” in Germany.

To support this event Karen will sing the songs of Mercedes Sosa, Holly Near, Piaf, & traditional Celtic songs, and she will also introduce you to the characters in her play!

Where: Hardiman’s Pub @ 521 Macaulay Rd, Kensington. Ph 9372 1340
Entrance: Waged $15, Unwaged $10 ($5 if life is really on top of you)
More information:

Dachshund U.N. – Bennett Miller

See 47 specially recruited live dachshunds engage in vigorous debate in this performance work examining the role of the United Nations as a risk management organisation. Bennett Miller creates both a joyful and chaotic experiment and a meditation on the utopian aspirations of the United Nations.

MCA Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney

Saturday 2 June, 2pm
Sunday 3 June, 11am & 2pm
Weather permitting
Free, drop-in. More information


What do we hold onto in a world that is falling apart?

Sprout is a play set in Australia of the future, a country facing the ever-looming possibility of environmental catastrophe. In this world, human beings live in skeleton cities, or out in the wild, with only the barest of necessities for survival. One thing unites these fragmented souls: a self-appointed prophet on the radio, the Weatherman, who shares poetry with his listeners – his way of making their fear and desolation more bearable, through art.

And in this world full of endings, four people start new beginnings. Curiosity, romance and new life continue to sprout.

Sprout is a play about the inevitability of love and growth in environments that seem completely inhospitable. Something of a poetry-jukebox, this play features classic poetry interspersed with original animation and dynamic characters.

Sprout is brought to you by Pedro Collective. It is written by emerging Sydney playwright Jessica Bellamy (NIDA Playwriting 2010, Griffin Resident Writer 2011), directed by Gin Savage (NIDA Directing 2010) and produced by Jacqueline Lucey (Squeaky Floor Productions, ABitontheSide).

The cast includes Ashley Ricardo (The Pigeons, The Lover), Fayssal Bazzi (Woyzcek, KIJE, The Pigeons), Mike Sheasby (Romeo and Juliet), and Matilda Ridgway (A Wonderful Day).

Sprout aims to be as eco-friendly a production as possible, with a set made from recycled materials, USB-stick programmes, and green stock printing of postcards, posters and scripts.

When: Now until 19th November
Where: Old Fitzroy Theatre,  129 Dowling St Woolloomooloo
Emily Eskell

More information: Sprout