Positive Posters

Can you help us put 3000 posters up around Australia? It’s simple and we’re going to tell you how. Click through for more information http://positive-posters.com/

Positive Posters is an Australian-based non-profit organisation that, with our community of designers, aims to raise international awareness for global social issues. We achieve this through an annual poster competition giving our community the opportunity to get together and have their say on a social issue or idea. Our community was founded upon our belief in the unrivaled ability of designers to create impact, communicate and spark revolutions.

The Crumbling Ecologies Project



call out to artists and crafters!

Artists and Crafters wanted to make thousands upon thousands of hand cast porcelain Geranium Leaves. No prior skills necessary, we will teach you the rest!

The Crumbling Ecologies Project will use thousands of hand cast porcelain geranium leaves to create a large installation in Gallery 1 at Craft Victoria, April 2012.

More details http://crumblingecologies.blogspot.com/p/call-out-to-artists-and-crafters.html

500 Little Ideas! …. You are invited!

Are you interested in collaborating with like-minded individuals to achieve positive social change? Then 500 Little Ideas! is for you!

The aim of the event is to crowdsource solutions to pressing social and environmental challenges put forward by Melbourne businesses and organisations.
We invite you to join us online to share your ideas, creativity, expertise and experience to find solutions to the challenges.

For more information and to register go to http://www.tomorrowatwork.com.au/500littleideas/

Celebrating Melbourne’s Permablitz #100 Weekend

December 4, 2010 to December 5, 2010

Its full steam ahead in team blitz as we get ready for…. the Permablitz #100 Weekend!!!
Sat 4th Dec: Sth Melb Commons Permablitz
Sun 5th Dec: Lower Plenty Permablitz

Definitely a weekend of blitzing not to be missed! And do get in touch if you’re up for providing some live tunes on either day.

But first, don’t forget this weekend’s Blitz #99 at the School Kitchen Garden in Werribee.

Act boldly for peace – We need your help to distribute The Peace Posters in your local area!

The Peace Posters is a 32 page BROADSHEET NEWSPAPER which unfolds to 30 posters and is available for FREE … To be released very soon!
Help the crew at Breakdown Press get them out into the world. To obtain copies of this Free Broadsheet for bedroom walls, workplaces, street poles, community notice boards, shopfronts and schools, please email: distro@breakdownpress.org with your address and how many copies you wish to receive!