Photo competition for social change: the People & Planet International Photo Competition

People & Planet 2012 International Photo Competition

About: People & Planet is a Melbourne-based social enterprise that exists solely to support our network of small charities across Australia working for a more just, more equitable world.

We’re looking for 53 extraordinary images of people, places or objects which tell a story about a social-justice or environment issue. Photos of almost any genre will be accepted, including portraits, landscapes, animals, objects, or any combination of these. We particularly like photos which tell “good news” stories about social-justice or the environment. With 53 spots up for grabs, this is an incredible opportunity to have your photos published and achieve international recognition!

Contest page link:

Eligibility: Open to amateur and professional photographers from anywhere in the world

Entry Fee: FREE

Prizes: AU$2,500 in total prizes, including AU$1,500 for 1st Prize

Limit of Entry per person: 4 photos per person

Deadline: April 22nd 2012

Copyright: For details about contest rules and copyright, head to our competition website

JuiceMedia Rap News: News World Order

The news source for the discerning viewer, delivering a bulletin to restore your faith in the fourth estate; make you nod your head to the beat, even as you shake it in disbelief. An off-beat musical, current-affairs programme, ‘Rap News’ is responsible for turning bollocks-news into socio-poetic/comedic analyses which everyone can relate to and understand.

View Episode 4: Wikileaks vs The Pentagon – the WWWAR on the Internet
View Episode 5: WIKILEAKS & the war on journalism
View Episode 6: Wikileaks’ Cablegate: the truth is out there

Rap News is written and created by Hugo Farrant and Giordano Nanni in a home-studio/suburban backyard in Melbourne

Free Fashion Challenge

On 11 November fifteen fashion addicts worldwide stopped buying clothes for one year. Amongst them was an Aussie… Meet Clare. She is a fashion design student from Melbourne. She’s 20. Can you relate to a young professional who describes herself as; short, talkative, moody, enthusiastic, awkward, optimistic, pessimistic and a daydreamer. Why not follow her on her challenge to live by our Free Fashion rules? Watch her battle through her strive to save money, and not even be able to buy 2 things per month. Let her inspire you to do a double take in your own wardrobe!

Putting the Art Back in eARTh

November 20, 2010 to November 28, 2010

As the UN’s late November climate talks approach and the pessimism about any chance of a global agreement on how to reduce our emissions grows, is looking large scale to send our message about the need for immediate action. Around the world, artists have heeded our call and taken up the challenge of joining us in a world first: Creating the first global art exhibition visible from space to call for climate action! It’s going to be slightly wild, and very beautiful. Find out more here.

Call for entries – Uranium Film Festival 2011, Rio: Australian films wanted

The 1st International Uranium Film Festival – URÂNIO EM MOVI(E)MENTO – has announced its “call for entries” to filmmakers and film directors from around the world. The festival will held in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo 21st – 28th May and 2nd – 9th June 2011. URÂNIO EM MOVI(E)MENTO is Latin America´s first film festival to highlight nuclear and radioactive issues. It is an annual event with 2 international competitions.
There are no Submission fees. Deadline: DVD must arrive before January 20th 2011. See indymedia article for more info.