Eco Luxe Fashion Exposé

As the world is starting to sit up and take notice of the destruction of Earth's natural resources, so to is the fashion industry. Eco-loving labels are sprouting up from all over the globe and eco-savvy consumers are choosing to go green with their purchases.

ELFE - Eco Luxe Fashion Exposé - sprung from the creative mind of fashion designer, eco- activist and all round Melbourne beauty, Emily Highfield. Having already created her own eco-luxe brand, VINTAGE SOUL, Emily wanted to create a platform for those in the fashion industry who consciously choose to use eco-friendly products and manufacturing processes to develop their beautiful eco-luxe creations.

In the words of Emily herself, "I wanted to create a fabulous event that would showcase these companies to the public and other industry professionals." ELFE, in partnership with 5th Avenue Events and Alumbra, will display an eclectic selection of the very best in eco-luxe brands, with market stalls, display lounges, catwalk parades and live entertainment. It will be an amazing experience and a chance for pioneers in their industries to show you how eco can be done.

ELFE took place on Wednesday, the 2nd September 2009 at Alumbra, Docklands, Melbourne

By holding these eco-events, ELFE aims to create awareness and educate our attendees about the fashion industry and how it affects the environment in the hope that they will make better choices as consumers.

Some of the effects that ELFE wishes to highlight are, the use and wastage of papers and materials, creation of carbon gases via production of synthetic fibres and overseas freight, non-compliant poorly paid factory workers, landfill with fast fashion items that have been thrown out due to poor quality or trend-of-the- moment styling.

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Vintage Soul

Melbourne entrepreneur Emily Highfield launched her eco-luxe label Vintage Soul in 2008. A talented designer with an amazing eye for unique vintage pieces, Emily creates seasonal collections of beautiful re-worked vintage garments that appeal to fashionistas who appreciate one-of-a-kind pieces.

Vintage Soul was featured in one of Livestyle's 2009 Runway shows alongside Life With Bird, State of Georgia and Dizingof. Highfield is also the driving force behind ELFE - the amazing Eco Luxe Fashion Expose which is leading the way at the forefront of Australian Eco Luxe fashion.

Helping the environment has never looked so good - Join the Vintage Revolution!

Lady Petrova

An eternally inspired designer, stylist, and entrepreneur, Petrova Hammond has established a strong reputation as one of the brightest young stars to emerge from Melbourne's vibrant fashion scene.

Petrova's talent and originality were recognised in the first Australian Season of Arena's Project Runway in 2008, where she earned a place in the Final Three. A popular favourite on the program, her designs were described by host Kristy Hinze as "Beautiful, bright and breathtaking; a very distinctive style that makes you stand out from the crowd."

With this inimitable sense of style, Petrova's clothing represents a fresh approach to fashion with that little bit of luxury that every girl craves.

Made In Donald

Born in the small town of Donald and manufactured entirely in Australia, Made In Donald garments use natural fibres such as cotton and silk, making the label stylish AND sustainable.

The unique label provides customers with a made to order service, focusing on creating individual and exclusive garments with emphasis on proportion, cut and fit. Along with off the rack collections, Made In Donald is a truly innovative local label for stylish and fabulous local girls!

Rachael Cassar

Sydney designer Rachael Cassar is promoting sustainability in the fashion industry through her distinctive label, using 90% recycled materials without compromising on style or quality.

Using carefully selected pre-loved garments and fabrics along with vintage and antique details, Rachael Cassar garments prove that luxury and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

Rachael's clients can expect one-off pieces with exquisite attention to detail while making a statement to the fashion industry that style doesn't have to damage our earth.

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Rachael Cassar

Eva Q Design

The Eva Q customer is "feminine, fun and elegant" according to designer Eva Huynh, a young Melbourne designer who recently won the student category in the NRA Australian Fashion Design Awards.

Her collection of avant garde dresses combine delicate, feminine fabrics with silhouettes and details inspired by the Australian seaside.

Taking the idea that vintage pieces can be deconstructed and turned into completely new styles, Eva brings a fresh and flirty feel to her gorgeous dresses. Get in quick - these dresses are too cute to resist!

Boche Collection

Launched in 2008 with the help of Make Me A Supermodel winner Rhys Uhlich, Boche incorporates classic streetwear with a rock and roll vibe to bring you a collection of super cool tees.

Environmentally conscious Boche Collection is entirely designed and manufactured in Melbourne and has recently started looking into more eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton.

The label brings something new to the Australian menswear market, with unique designs that are guaranteed to attract attention. For guys who want to stand out, check out Boche for a range of seriously sexy tees. Boche are now also designing a collection of gorgeous girls tees!

Kiss Chacey

Melbourne Design Label, Kiss Chacey was created by talented designer, Ben Clark and his business partner Paul Edwards.

Both conscious of the environmental impact that the fashion industry has, they choose to have all their garments produced locally. Expect sexy prints, distinctive details and natural, touchable fabrics in this collection of menswear.

They are for guys who are sick of wearing the same thing as everyone else! Kiss Chacey is a label that refuses to be mediocre; this is a brand that values integrity in business and in design and this is evident in their high quality garments that demand attention.


Etiko is an Australian brand with a serious social conscience. Etiko want customers to realise that the way they choose to spend their money directly impacts the environment and the people of the world.

Strongly opposed to child labour and sweat shops, Etiko produce certified fair-trade, ethically produced tees and sneaker ranges that are also super stylish! If all that isn't enough, a percentage of all Etiko sales go towards funding community development and health-care programs around the world.

This isn't your average fashion label, it's clothing with a conscience.

Vivienne Westwood's Melissa

Australian shoe label Melissa has collaborated with iconic designer Vivienne Westwood to bring a collection of cute and quirky heels that just beg to be taken onto the dancefloor!

Melissa is a unique footwear label that uses plastic to make comfortable, stylish shoes that make fashion fun. The partnership with Vivienne Westwood resulted in a range of affordable high fashion shoes. It's easy to see why Deyn is a fan!