Feature Production

28/01/11 – this section is currently being upgraded

Help Produce a Feature

We welcome skilled creatives to help us produce features.

If you would like to get involved, send a message to the team using the form on your the right >

You do not need to be on the team to submit ideas or to submit complete works.

Feature Production Process

Team membersĀ  work on a part of the brief to help create a feature.

  1. A feature idea is shortlisted and we contact the person or organisation to request support of the feature.
  2. When the organistaion agrees to participate, a brief is created and emailed to the team.
  3. Team members volunteer to work on the feature.


One person may do multiple roles and work on multiple features. There may be more or less roles, depending on the feature brief

Director – writes feature brief

Writer – interviews, researches and writes the feature copy

Graphic Designer – visual design and typographical communication

Animator – animates visuals

Coder – intregates the content into xhtml and css for publishing in wordpress