Bindarri wants a hand with blogging, tweeting and facebooking

Dvize has put down 100 bucks a week to pay for a few hours help to stimulate the bindarri news and community.

This won’t make you rich but you will be trained in online marketing by Glenn who builds websites with some exciting people such as Beyond Zero Emissions, Friends of the Earth and the Australian Ballet.

You will need to

  • come to fitzroy/brunswick for training
  • own a lappy and have fast net at home/space
  • have good problem solving skills
  • have decent communication skills and common sense
  • love learning new stuff
  • be social (at least online)

Extra brownie points awarded for

  • active in creating a better world
  • active in the creative communities
  • existing examples of social media

We are not interested in resumes. Just evidence of getting stuff done

There may also be an opportunity giving us a hand with Dvize paid stuff.

Fill out the form to your right to apply >>

Please share this with anyone you know that would be great in this role.